Easy homemade face packs to face the hot summer

Easy homemade face packs

The hot summer rays are hitting us. Do you know the different sun rays and how it affect our skin? Sun rays include ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), ultraviolet C (UVC), and infrared.

  • UVA is the longest wavelength of the sun which can penetrate the dermis and can cause skin ageing.
  • UVB can cause sunburn, allergic reactions and skin cancers.
  • UVC, the most dangerous rays, generally has to filter by Ozone layer but you know what happened to Ozone layer.
  • Infrared rays are the form heat that comes from the sun and not only damages skin but also our immune system.

Especially in summer the intensity of these rays are very high and will damage our skin and body. So we must ready to not damage our skin. We cannot just sit in the home looking at when the sun will go home. We will have a lot of works and it is mandatory to go out in the sun. We also know that it will damage our skin. Whether we applied sunscreen or not the sun will definitely damage our skin. Then what is the solution? Here are few homemade face packs to restore the glow & health of your skin.

Aloe Vera & Lemon face packs

Lemon one of the best fruit which is rich in cosmetic & medicinal benefits. It acts as natural bleaching agent. It is also rich in antioxidants which are good for health. Aloe Vera is another supernatural plant that gives you ultimate skin. Aloe Vera is widely using in cosmetics products. The combination of these two will give you healthy & glowing. The combination of Aloe Vera & Lemon will kill any bacteria, fungus, and the virus that will damage skin.

Take lime juice and Aloe Vera of equal quantities and mix them to get an aromatic paste. Just apply it twice or thrice a day to get rid of tan.

Another easy homemade face packs is

Sandalwood & Rosewater

Sandalwood the best ever natural medicine forever glowing face. Rosewater also gives the essentials for a glowing & smooth skin. The combination of these two will give you an everlasting glowing & smooth skin. What all you have to do is just make a paste of Sandalwood & Rosewater. Apply it on face & wait for 20 minutes and wash it with water. It cleanses you face, removes tan, and helps it to glow.

Watch this pace for more easy homemade remedies to get rid of sun tan.

20% discount on advance booking @ APSRTC dynamic pricing

APSRTC dynamic pricing

Book early and save greatly. It is not an offer by the corporate company. It is not an offer by Startup Company. This interesting offer is on long distance travelling buses of APSRTC only. APSRTC is implementing dynamic pricing in ticket reservation of long distance travelling buses. So the more early you reserve your seat the more discount you will get. Book the ticket in advance of at least one week or more and get a discount of 5% -20%. But the lazier you are and the more increase in the fare. To fill the empty seats, to increase occupancy ratio, APSRTC authorities are planning to introduce innovative ways and this dynamic pricing is one of it, which is greatly helpful if you do advance booking. The fares will be proportionate demand. If the demand increases the fare will increase and if the demand decreases the fare will decrease. This new policy will come into effect from this April. Let us get into the details of this Dynamic pricing in APSRTC.

The more early you reserve a seat, the more discount you will get. These are sample plans of APSRTC in dynamic pricing.

  • Reservation in a month advance 20% discount.
  • Reservation in 15 days advance 10% discount.
  • Reservation in 7 days advance 5% discount.

There might be an increase in fare from the 6th day before its departure. The increase in fare will increase when it is going close to departure date and the more number of seats getting filled. The increase in fare will be up to 5% to 20% and more.

If there is no demand and the more number of seats unfilled then the fare will be normal. 603 daily services 22,752 seats coming under ‘ dynamic fare ‘. This type of fare system is implementing in Railways Air services and in private travel buses.

The authorities are also trying to implement reverse bidding in times of less demand. The travelers have a chance to do bargain. Ex: – if you want to travel from Hyderabad to Vizag and the actual price is Rs. 500. If the unfilled seats on the bus are more and the demand is less, then the traveler has a chance to bargain and can ask the fare for Rs. 350. RTC may come with RS 420 or may be no changes. If there is demand, then the fare will hike. This dynamic pricing is applicable to all.

There are advantages & disadvantages. But if you act early you will have an advantage. Booking early will be an advantage to you. You have to wait for April to use these services of dynamic pricing. Use DealGuaranty Getaways Coupons to get traveling offers every time to go anywhere.

Summer beauty tips to protect skin

Summer beauty tips

It is too early, we have not enjoyed winter but the sun is ready to attack us and already attacking. Summer gives holidays to students but it also gives a lot of health & skin problems. Continuous sweat and dangerous sun rays make us uncomfortable & unhealthy. Skin is the first affected part in the summer. The extreme temperature can cause tanning, pigmentation, early aging etc. The result is dull, tired and sallow looking skin. We have to step out and have to face the sun. Who has the time be in the saloon all the time to refresh & to protect our skin? But the lack of time does not affect our skin’s glow & beauty. Then how to protect skin & its beauty from the sun? Here are few summer beauty tips to protect and to give a glow to your skin this summer.

Summer beauty tips to protect skin

Sunscreen lotion

  • Sunscreen lotion is the first thing that you must have in summer. You shouldn’t step without sunscreen lotion.
  • Choose the right sunscreen lotion. SPF sun protection force tells long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. An SPF 30 means that you can be in the sun for 30 times longer without burning than you’d be able to without sunscreen. It does not mean a PSF of 60 will protect skin rest of the day.
  • Maximum number of SPF can protect skin a maximum of 80 minutes. It should be applied 20 minutes before you face the sun.
  • Make sure that your sunscreen protects you from UVA rays (which causes premature aging, fine lines, and can cause skin cancer) UVB rays (which cause burning).
  • You have to frequently apply sunscreen if you have to stay all the day in the sun.
  • Apply sunscreen on everywhere if it expose to the sun.
  • Make sure that you are applying right the amount of sunscreen lotion. Check out best sunscreen lotion with Amazon Coupons to buy at an affordable price to protect your beauty.


Covering face with a scarf or cloth is a great idea but it only give the SPF 8. So sunscreen is must.


  • For a glowing & healthier skin, we have moisturized skin in summer also. Hot sun rays drink moisture from our skin.
  • Moisturizing will helps to protect us from pollution, bacteria and moisture loss. So don’t forget to moisturize. Find good moisturizers with Purplle Coupons to get them at less price.


  • Change your makeup shades. In summer go for mineral makeup. It lasts long in sweating conditions. Use lip balm of SPF 15 before you face the sun.
  • Check out summer makeup kits with DealGuaranty Coupons.

Follow these summer beauty tips to make this summer a cool & beauty summer.

This Holi Bring the colors in your life

Happy holi

We, Indians celebrate many festivals. Thanks to rich Indian culture and heritage as we have at least one festival in every month. Of course, we have many festivals but the reason to celebrate is same. It is to celebrate the victory of good over evil and to follow good practices. We love to celebrate all festivals but love festivals more than anything, we love those festival that makes us go crazy. Who don’t love this festival of throwing colors & water? Who don’t love Holi, the festival of colors? It is a festival which is different from all other Hindu festivals. There is no need to go to a temple, no need of a head bath and no need to do many other. There are some mythological story and significance to every festival. Have you ever thought what the reason to celebrate the festival of Colors is? Have you ever thought what we have to take from Holi? Let us know the Mythological to celebrate Holi. Of course, we all know but let us remember.

Holi is celebrated on the full-moon day in the month of Phalguna as a victory of good over evil. Long long ago there lived a demon king called Hiranyakashyap. He is a worshipper of Lord Shiva. He wants to take revenge on the lord Vishnu for killing his younger brother. He prayed to the Shiva for many years and granted a boon. With this boon, he believes himself as god and ordered the people of his kingdom to worship as a god. He had a sister called Holika who is immune to fire. He kills everyone who does not worship him.

He had a son named Prahalad remarkably Prahalad is a worshipper of the lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap warned his son many times to not to worship lord Vishnu but Prahalad never listened to his father. Father becomes very angry & so hatred that wanted to kill his own son. He poisoned his son’s food but nothing happened ton, Prahalad. The demon king allowed elephants to walk on his son but nothing happened. He tried in many to kill Prahalad but every time the result the result is same.

He then called sister Holika who is immune to fire. He asked Holika to sit on the pyre of fire with his son in her lap so that Prahalad will burn in fire. But what happened is absolutely reverse. Holika burnt to ash in fire and Prahalad sitting on fire chanting The Vishnu and came out unharmed. After the lord Vishnu in the form of Narasimha killed Hiranyakashyap. The death of Holika was the first step of good to win over evil is celebrated as Holi.

There is no need to tell how to celebrate. Wishing you all a very happy Holi. There is nothing called a festival without shopping. Find the Best Deals with DealGuaranty Coupons to Bring colors in your life.

The first look & features of Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

The mobile market is flooded with N number of smartphones. But still many smartphone makers are ready to fill the market with new smartphones. If you are planning to buy a new mobile within a price range of Rs.10, 000 with great features then here is a mobile for you. It is a newly launched mobile for the lovers of smartphones. The maker of this mobile is Lenovo and it is sure that with this mobile it will definitely increase its market in smartphones. This phone was announced last month at the MWC 2016 trade show and it will on sale from March 23 exclusively on Flipkart.

No need to hurry & worry since it neither need registration nor it is a flash sale. I have not revealed the name of a new smartphone from Lenovo. It is Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus. Don’t think it is a successor to Lenovo K4 note but it is not at all a competitor to killer K4. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus is an upgrade of Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus smartphones. Let us get on the inside & outside of the smartphone, I mean hardware & software of Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus. The very first thing to tell is its whole Aluminum body but it is not a unibody.

Features & specifications to look out                                 




5 inch, 1080p HD, scratch resistant glass








1.7GHz octa-core




Android 5.1 Lollipop




13MP. LED Flash








2750 mAh


Standby time



265 Hrs


Talk time


15.1 Hrs on 3G


Internal storage




Dual SIM



The very first to tell is its price is just RS. 8499. A very great features with this price range. It does not have finger scanner which the latest trend. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus will give a good competition to Cool pad Note 3, Meizu m2 note and Yu Yureka Plus. If you really want this smartphone just wait till March 23 to shop at Flipkart and use DealGuaranty Coupons to reduce the price.

Tips to buy a comfortable helmet

Tips to buy a comfortable helmet

An accident will happen even if we follow traffic rules. Sometimes we have to face the problems for the mistakes of others. Especially, in times of road accidents, whether the mistake is ours or not, we have to go to the hospital. It will be fine if the injury is small. What if when the injury takes us to death? The doctor cannot do anything even if we have a good amount of money. A small gear will avoid this bloody stuff but people don’t like to wear it. It is a helmet, not only protects you but also your family. Why not wear it? What’s the problem? Is the helmet making you uncomfortable? Is it not making you stylish? Then here are tips for you to buy a helmet which makes you comfortable, fashionable & stylish.

Helmet fit & size

The first & mandatory things to check if you want to buy a Helmet is the Fit & size. The quality, style, fashion and every other is secondary. Many times it is difficult to find a right fit of the helmet. Here is how to get the right fit of the helmet.

Most helmets comes S, M, L or XL. Don’t just blindly choose one. Try helmets several times, check different sizes. If your head size falls between the numbers listed, go for the larger size. Helmet sizes vary among manufacturers and model types.

The Best Way to Try on Your HelmetHold it by the chin straps. The bottom of the helmet should face you with the front pointing down.

  • The cheek pads should touch your cheeks without pressing uncomfortably.
  • Ears should not be pressed tightly.
  • You must feel comfortable.
  • You can turn your head easily.


The weight of helmet should be as less as possible. If weight increases it would increase stress on neck and results to neck pain. If weight is less it will make helmet brittle so, be a little conscious of the weight of a helmet.


The shape is not just for style, it also gives many other things. The more aerodynamic the less will be the stress on the neck. So take a helmet with an aerodynamic shape. In few minor conditions aerodynamic shape also increases the mileage of the vehicle.


Safety is above all and for what we buy a helmet. The first thing you have to do is to check for ISI mark and make sure it is original.

Check out the best quality & stylish Helmets at an affordable price with Amazon Coupons at DealGuaranty. Wear the helmet and drive safely.

Watch this space. The coming blog is on different types & styles of Helmets.

Bookings open to buy Freedom 251 world’s most affordable smartphone

 Freedom 251

Do you believe? I don’t believe. But we have to believe because it is fact and it is true. This is amazing that a smartphone is available at a price of a memory card. A smartphone is now creating a buzz in the country and also world’s mobile market. A smartphone with many specifications but at a price of just Rs. 251. Yes, it is true. Don’t think it is the toy. It is a fully armed smartphone.

Ringing Bells a Noida based company launched this buzzing mobile yesterday. The world of the smartphone market is shocked with this new best & cheap smart mobile. Are you excited to know the specifications of this brand new & most affordable smartphone? I haven’t told you about the mobile name and the name is Freedom 251.

Specifications of Ringing Bells Freedom 251

  • Display                                 4-inch qHD
  • Pixels resolution
  • RAM 1GB
  • OS Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Processor 3GHz quad-core.
  • Internal Memory 8GB
  • Rear camera 2 megapixel
  • Battery 1450mAh
  • Dual sim.

Do you expect more than these for a price of just Rs 251? That’s the reason Freedom 251 is now the hot topic in Indian mobile market. Are you excited and do you want this bloody smartphone? Of course, who don’t want to buy this brand new easily affordable &

What you have to do to buy Freedom 251

  • Race to official site Freedom251.com
  • Click on Buy now.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Accept terms & conditions.
  • Click on Pay now.

That’s it. You will get the delivery after 4 months. Of course the delivery time is too late but we have to wait to get the worthy. The registration starts from 18/02/2016 6 am. What are you waiting for? Just buy the Freedom 251. Check your luck.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

The day to express love. The day when our love will expect more love. The most romantic day of the year. Whether you are in a relationship or not it is one of the days when we feel happier to express love. Everyday every minute & every second we can express love but it is the day when we have to do a little more. Yes, it is the Valentine’s Day.

The much awaiting day for all the people who are in a relationship and also to the one who wants to express their love to their becoming Valentine. It is also the stressful day because of the question how to express love? What to gift? Gifting is not mandatory but it is good. Thinking what to gift? Here are few Valentine’s Day gifts to her that every girl always wants those gifts and she excites if you had given the same gift on googol time. Here perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for her. Select one & order now. But it is difficult to select the better from the best. You also have another option you can gift all the below gifts.

Lovely Red Roses

Lovely Red Roses Gifts


The symbol of love. Red rose also represents longing and desire. The evergreen icon of love. There is no Valentine without a red rose. One red rose will make him happy but the happiness increases with increase in a number of roses. Check Floweraura Coupons to buy lovely & expressive red roses.

Cute Teddy Bear

Cute Teddy Bear Gifts

Maybe not cuter than your girlfriend but Teddy Bear will bring a smile on her face which makes your girlfriend most cute. It remembers you whenever she look it. Giftease Coupons to give cute Teddy Bears.


Perfume Gifts

Perfume to make the surroundings lively & romantic. It is your choice to select from wide range of verities of perfumes. Take care to choose the right one to match her taste. Amazon will help you.

Engraved Jewellery

Engraved Jewellery Gifts

What’s more romantic than a thought of a custom-engraved and personalized piece of jewelry? Don’t make it as a thought but make it alive. Necklace, bracelet, Pendent or anything with your feeling engraved on the jewellery.

Personalized gifts Gifts


Here you have more space to show your romantic creativity. A photo frame, a coffee cup, cushions, & many more. Printland will help to bring your creativity to come alive.

Beautiful Handbags

Beautiful Handbags Gifts

A handbag is must fashion accessory for her. She takes it everywhere she go. Take help of Flipkart to buy the best handbag, Clutches from a wide range of options.

Chocolaty Chocolates

Chocolaty Chocolates Gifts

A sweet is must start the celebration of love. A chocolate is the best idea to make your day a good start. Paytm Coupons to save more & to get more chocolates.


A hug & kiss with love will be the best gift for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day. No site will offer them. They will come with love.

8 ways to décor & to makeover your smartphone

8 ways to décor & to makeover your smartphone

Earth revolves around the sun. Moon revolves around the earth. We revolve around the smartphones. These are the facts we have to agree. Have you ever accidentally left your phone at home or had it lost or stolen? And how did that make you feel? Empty? Like half a person?

Definitely, the answer will be one of the above two and you have to agree that. This is the importance we give to the smartphone. Your smartphone is the most precious thing in the world. Then why don’t you make it look special? Why don’t you décor it? How about a décor that will attract & inspire you? Here are some ways to make you smartphone ever new and ever attractive all the time.

Paint phone case

Paint phone case

Nothing is the exception to show your creativity. The phone case is your canvas. Paint your case like the way you want. Turn it into an ocean. Make it into a marble. Transform it to wild jungle. And many & many ways.

Get a stylish cover

Get a stylish cover

This one of the easiest way to transform your ordinary looking smartphone to extraordinary. There are infinity phone covers & skins available like the cartoon, the superhero based, different pictures many others. Choose to apt your style and to represent your attitude. Use GiftsByMeeta Coupons & Deals to buy stylish & funky phone skins & covers for just.

Use radium tape

Use radium tape

Make a creature or art or write your name or anything with radium tape on phone back cover.

Personalize mobile skins

Get personalize mobile skins with Printvenue Coupons & Deals for less price.

Write quotes

Write your favorite & inspiring quotes on phone back cover.

Apply stickers

Apply stickers

Fix stickers of your favorite actors, gods, photos of your love, a design you like and also some collage of variety stickers to your phone back cover. Find eye-catchy stickers & mobile covers with Inidacircus Coupons.

Attach a keychain

Attach a keychain

Add a keychain to your phone. You can easily replace it. The key chains might be your superhero, your loving god.



Frequently update your phone wallpapers, backgrounds with something artistic & meaningful.

Whatnot and everything. Be charming. Be attractive. Above all BE YOU.

Letv Le 1S at just Rs.10,999 on Flipkart flash sale Feb 2nd

Letv Le 1S

Do you have plans to buy the latest smartphone within the range of 10K to 12K? Have you decided what to buy? Are you going to buy? Wait! here is a stylishly engineered mobile which may change your decision. This ultra-modern smartphone just looks like iPhone but at the price of less than 1/4th of iPhone’s. Letv Le 1S smarter than genius has got more than 1 lakh registrations within less than 24 hours for flash sale in Flipkart begins at 12 noon February 2, 2016.

Extra 10% cashback with Axis bank Debit & Credit cards.

Key specifications of Letv Le 1S

  • Fingerprint sensor.
  • Price of just Rs.10,999.
  • Full metal unibody screwless design.
  • 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM.
  • 5 inch FHD Touchscreen display with 403 PPI.
  • 2 GHz Octa-Core processor.
  • 5MP Selfie camera.
  • 13MP autofocus rear camera with LED flash.
  • Dual SIM.
  • Battery of 3000 MAh.
  • 340n hours of standby time.
  • Quick charging process.
  • Android v5 (Lollipop) with EUI OS.
  • Dual 4G SIM.
  • 5 mm thin and weighs 169 grams.

This supernatural phone from LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) a Chinese smartphone maker. This company is one of the China’s largest internet business and also in hardware manufacturing, e-commerce, film and television, smart devices and car-tech. Earlier Chinese mobile makers Xiaomi and Huawei entered into the Indian market and now LeEco following them.

This smartphone has huge expectations. The bookings for flash sale are the example for it. This Letv Le 1S is armed with latest features which will kick away other phones in this price range and features. Letv Le 1S will give competition to Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Lenovo K4 note. It will be launched on 2nd February with the flash sale on Flipkart and you have to register. Do you want your mobile to be smarter than genius, then what are you waiting for click here to REGISTER for the flash sale on February 2nd.

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